Revolt Systems
Contactor Box


Fully integrated high voltage distribution box with both positive and negative contactors. High voltage fuse, precharge system, and current sensor built in. Provisions for three HV accessories and fuses. This entire package comes in a high quality aerospace 6061 water resistant billet housing that is IP64 rated.

Includes the following:

  • Supports up to 600 Volts
  • Integrated main pack fuse (suitable for over 1300A bursts)
  • Gigavac GV200 contactors on both positive and negative legs
  • Premium quality quick-release high voltage connectors with built-in strain relief
  • Up to 13kW level 2 charging 
  • Fused connections for up to 2 chargers
  • Integrated CAN current sensor (IVTS)
  • Integrated precharge resistor and relay
  • 3x Gigavac P115 contactors on fused circuits for high voltage accessories (A/C, cabin heat, battery heater, etc.)
  • Plugs and pins supplied for every connector on the box
  • Show-quality custom billet enclosure with a IP64 water rating

Lead time: 30 days

For more information about this kit please visit our YouTube Video