Tesla Large Drive Unit (LDU) Coolant Bypass Kit “The Achilles Seal Fix"


This coolant bypass kit prevents the notorious issue of the rotor seal failing and flooding the drive unit, leading to catastrophic failure. If this happens, your entire motor and inverter can be destroyed, leading to an extremely costly repair. We have developed this kit to route the coolant away from the area where the factory seal is prone to fail.

In the many years of experience we have with Tesla motors, we have seen a tremendous uptick in failed seals and damaged drive units. We have developed this kit for all of our systems and have now extended it to the public to save Tesla owners from costly damage.

Please note that this is only for cars that are no longer under the manufacturer's warranty; this will void your factory warranty.

For more information about this kit please visit our YouTube Video
Models Supported: 2013-2020 Tesla Model S, 2013-2020 Tesla Model X, 2012-2014 Toyota Rav 4 EV, 2014-2017 Mercedes B class EV.

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T. Peterson
T. Peterson
The coolant delete kit is an awesome looking part from Revolt Systems that corrects a potential problem most people dont know exists. I installed it myself at DIYautolabs.com in Santa Clara, Ca. Now I understand why some teslas have a bearing noise. Coolant caused it. Thanks Revolt Systems for preventing an expensive repair to my car, I just saved thousands!