• Revolt Systems 450kW Crate Motor

    Revolt Systems 450kW Crate Motor Kit. Everything you need for a turnkey installation. Fully tested and ready to run, this is most comprehensive and powerful kit on the market.

  • Revolt Systems Contactor Box

    Fully integrated high voltage distribution box with both positive and negative contactors. High voltage fuse, precharge system, and current sensor built in. Provisions for three HV accessories and fuses. This entire package comes in a high quality aerospace 6061 water resistant billet housing that is IP64 rated.

  • Coolant Bypass Kit

    This coolant bypass kit prevents the notorious issue of the rotor seal failing and flooding the drive unit, leading to catastrophic failure. If this happens, your entire motor and inverter can be destroyed, leading to an extremely costly repair. We have developed this kit to route the coolant away from the area where the factory seal is prone to fail.