T2C Wiring Harness


This kit includes a full plug and play wiring harness that will work for the EV-Controls T2C motor controller for the Tesla Model S and X LDU. All wires are fully labeled for simple installation.


  • Compatible with the following powertrain configurations; all Model S and X large rear drive units
  • Model S and X small rear drive units used in 2WD installations
  • Does not require disassembly of the drive unit or removal of inverter logic board
  • The T-2C will re-flash the inverter firmware if required (one drive unit per kit purchased)
  • Retains protection strategies against overheating and other damaging conditions, excellent reliability
  • Dash app runs on iPad and connects to T2C over bluetooth, no wiring required between the controller and iPad
  • Capable of OTA firmware updates when new features are added
  • Proven to outperform other options in terms of drivability, reliability, performance and efficiency
  • Nothing runs a Tesla drive unit better than the OE Tesla software and hardware. Information based on real world testing by many customers who have tried them all

Lead time: 30 days


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